DTG Printing and UV Printing AcroRIP Software… March 27, 2018 – Posted in: AcroRIP Software, dtg printer, uv printer

Main features of AcroRIP:

  • Need use it for print white ink
  • Very easy to use interface, and functions specifically for flat-bed printers equipped with Epson printer heads;
  • Control and enhance vivid color expression for normal colors and white ink application;
  • Free adjustment of each ink channel; and
  • Immediate job confirmation by pre-viewing print image.

Functionality of AcroRIP While Printing:

AcroRIP allows you to accurately control the ink volumes while your printer is working. This makes sure your printed image is exactly the same as the designs prepared.

Large array of color correction filters eliminates the need for specialized software, such as Photoshop. AcroRIP is very easy to operate, and requires no need for special training; saving a lot of time in your print shop.

DTG Printing and UV Printing AcroRIP Software…