How many materials can engrave a fiber laser machine? October 28, 2021 – Posted in: laser

1) Metals
Stainless steel

Dark color effect on Stainles steel
The fiber laser can engrave on stainless steel and titanium dark colors. It is a popular application to create a nice contrast between the engraving and the material.

Metals covered with painting
One of the significant differences between UV laser and Fiber laser engraving is the result of the engraving on metals covered with paint, over this materials the UV laser it can’t do a proper job, and the result always is a not clear engraving. On the other hand, the Fiber laser engraving can engrave metals with paint cover with high speed and with a clear result.

Silver and Gold
Precious metals like silver and gold are very soft. Silver is a tricky material to mark as it oxidizes and tarnishes easily. Gold can be very easy to mark, requiring little power to get a good, contrasting anneal.

Metal carving
If you are looking to engrave diferent metal materials with deepness, the fiber laser its the best option.

Color engraving on stainless steel
The fiber laser engraving technology also can mark colors on stainless steel and titanium. The MOPA technology has the possibility of mark 16 to 32 different colors.

Anodized metals
The advantage of the fiber laser is that can mark very superficial or engrave with profound effect anodized metal. If you are looking to mark at high speed different anodized metals, then the fiber laser engraving its the best solution.

2) Plastics
The making and engraving of plastic with laser technology it can be complex for the simple reason of the vast different densities, mixes, and types of plastics. For this reason, UV laser is always the best option for engraving plastics, because UV laser it can engrave all plastics. However, if you are looking a machine that can mark over some specific plastic materials and engrave at the same at high speed on metal surfaces, then the fiber laser is the best choice. These are some of the most common plastics Fiber laser can engrave PLT, PS, ABS, PBT, but if you want to make sure this machine can engrave your materials, contact us for more information, we will engrave your materials for free.

ABS, PBT, Silicon, ABS, PS, and others.
Nowadays most of the products use ABS, PLA, PBT, example: headphones, plastic phone covers, keyboards, mouses, USBs, radios, toys, among others. These plastics are in almost all the products. If you are looking to engrave on this material or other common plastics our fiber laser it can do it smooth and precise thanks to the large range of kHz that our machine offers. For more information contact us.

3) Fiberglass
The engraving on fiberglass it can be done with a blur effect if the materials aren’t cover for painting or another element that recover the surface. Because this material it is complicated to engrave you can contact us before and we can engrave your examples to be sure its the engraving effect you are looking.

4) Synthetic leathers
Some garments materials are rich on plastic polymers and for that reason our machine it can engrave it at high speed and with low power.

5) Carbon fiber
This material its easy to engrave with our machines and the result is typically always black color, for this reason isn’t the best option if you want to engrave on black carbon fiber because the contrast between material and engraving is low, and is hard to read or see the engraving.

6) Stone and hard materials:
Granite, marble, concrete, masonite, ceramics, corian, ceramic tile, etc.