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Before buying a commerial DTG, UV ,DTF printer September 2, 2022 – Posted in: dtf printer, dtg printer, uv printer

Before buying a commerial printer There is a learning curve to DTG, DTF, UV printing (much like screen printing or other forms of printing). It takes time and experimentation to become proficient and knowledgeable about this new craft. Proper Pretreatment is necessary especially for printing with white ink to dark garments (separate pre-treatment hand sprayer or automatic sprayer are needed, as well as heat press) Additional items that you will need Windows 10 or higher…

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UV DTF Printer or Conventional UV printer? January 11, 2022 – Posted in: dtf printer, uv printer

Do you know what’s the UV printing? The UV printing process, also known as UV printing, refers to special inks that are formulated to dry rapidly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. When paper (or other substrate) passes through the press and receives wet ink, it is immediately exposed to ultraviolet light. As the UV will immediately dry the ink, so there is no chance of ink leakage or diffusion. As a result, the print…

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