A4 UV Printer

UV ink can print embossed 3D effects, and can also print with varnish A4 UV flatbed printer can print using colored and white UV ink,  and printing Varnish.  It is equipped with water cooling UV lamp, enabling UV ink to dry immediately after printing.


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The A4 UV /UV DTF Flatbed printer can print using colored and white UV ink. The A4 UV Flatbed is capable of printing directly on material without pre-coating, heating or any pretreatment. This UV printer is equipped with both air and water cooling, enabling UV ink to dry immediately after printing.

Printers without extraction fans are often faced with the problem that machines can be polluted by the ink, causing frequent malfunctions. However, The A4 printer is equipped with a strong extraction fan for extracting ink spray, thus decreasing malfunctions that other printing machines often face. This printer also comes equipped with an anti-corrosion pump, which significantly increases its lifespan.


UV ink can print embossed 3D effects, and can also print with varnish

It can directly print on the surface of crystal, wood, bamboo, metal, stone, leather, PVC, PET, Ceramic tile, Acrylic, Nail, and DTF PET films.

Print time less than 1 minute for most designs.

Print directly from your PC, just like a desktop printer.


• Print size: 11.8″x7.87″ (300mm×200mm)
• Printhead: Piezo 180 nozzles per channel
• Print Color: 6-cartridge (C M Y K LLC LM/ CMYK +White/ Varnish)
• Printing Speed: 3.9″x5.9″(10x15cm) 13 second
• Max. height of object: 2″ (50mm)
• Max. Printing resolution: 5760DPI×1440DPI
• Ink Tank Volume: 150ML (refillable ink cartridge or CISS system)
• Ink: UV curable Ink
• Power: 110/220V 50-60HZ 250W
• Printing Interface: USB
• Operation System: Windows® 7 or later
• Working Environment: 10-35 C,20-80 RH
• Printer Net Weight: 57lbs (26kg)
• Printer Size: 25.5″x18.5″x17″ (65x47x43cm)
• Free Tech Support
• 1 Year Limited Warranty


✔   Plastic: PET films, Acrylic, ABS, PVC, PET, PU, etc.

✔   Leather: PVC leather, PU leather, real and artificial leather.

✔   Metal: Gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

✔   Others: Wood, bamboo, crystal, glass, ceramic, stone and so on.



✔   1 X A4 UV Printer

✔   1 X RIP Software Set(compatible with windows)

✔   1 X Golf ball holder, 1 X Pens holder

✔   1 X High Quality USB Data Line Set

✔   1 X Solvent Resistance Needles and Tube Set

Ink not included, order UV curable ink separately


• via DHL or UPS, shipping cost $395, delivery time 7-10 days

5 reviews for A4 UV Printer

  1. Craigh Huffington

    Excellent machine in my budget, Print quality is good.

  2. Anna Evanka

    This printer is pretty little with a great functionality, it is very useful when i bring to an event far from my office. It saved my time and reduced printing cost.Thanks for this good product.

  3. sandra ordonez

    So far I tried a lot of printers but none was as efficient and long lasting as I have found IEHK A4 UV flatbed to be. A majority of printers had similar problems such as they required precoating, and the ink didn’t dry up as quickly as usually advertised. I used this printer and all my complaints were gone as it was coloring in all possible colors.

  4. Kent Johnson

    This amazingly fast and reliable UV flatbed is my perfect companion at all events. I have tried to print with it on acrylic, leather, bamboo, crystal and ceramic tiles and the finished product was simply perfect. I wanted a printer that is easy to use and this one is so simple just connect it to the computer and download compatible software such as CorelDraw or Adobe. Printing cost is also considerably low as a single print costs just $0.1

  5. Eric Nail

    I needed a printer that could print to the surface of powder coated aluminum enclosures, I was very on the fence and it is very involved but that’s to be expected with such a caliber of machine. Impressed by the quality, and customer service has been really great. I definitely recommend as the price tag can’t be beat.

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