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  • It can print directly on all kinds of fabric.
  • Shorter process flow, do not need pre-sizing, and the post-process do not need steaming washing. It is an energy conservatory and environmental friendly product.
  • Being made of nanoscal pigment, it is stable and has a long shelf.
  • Better fluency and Color Saturation.
  • Well compatibility and repeatability.
  • Resistant to sunlight, water proof well and scratch–resistant.


  • Product classification and application: T-shirt digital printing; upholstery fabric digital printing; wall cloth & curtain digital printing; wall paper printing (needs a machine), art work copy; non-woven printing; and other digital printing that do not need any steaming washing.
  • Suitable fiber: cellulosic fiber, such as pure cotton, artificial cotton, linen, modal, tencel, bamboo fiber; protein fiber, such as wool, silk; chemical fiber, such as Polyester, nylon, Lycra, polypropylene, PU; and also the above fiber blended, interweaved woven fabric.
  • Printer compatibility: printers that use EPSON, Fujifilm, KONICA or Seiko printheads.

Storage Conditions:

  • 300ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5kg, 20kg packaging for your choice
  • Sealed, keep away from sunshine for 12 month. Please make sure that the printing temperature does not below 15℃.


  • Once opened, sealed, keep away from sunshine, under 5-25℃ for 90 days.


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