50W 16×16 in Workbed CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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Product Description


Professional customized CO2 laser tube and laser power supply with first-class spot mode
Korea inner sliding rail, 6mm thickness aluminum platform with good flatness
RUDIA system with Rdwords 8  software with powerful functions
Maximum engraving depth:2-3mm for acrylic, plywood; 1-2mm for harder materials
Maximum cutting depth:8mm for acrylic, plywood; 4mm for harder materials


Equipped English user manual, training video
One-year warranty, 12 hours online quick response
Lifetime maintenance, providing technical support


  • Laser Engraving software Package
  • User Manual
  • Water pump
  • Air Pump
  • Communication cable
  • 3 Reflect optics (installed in the machine)
  • 1 Focus optics (installed in the machine)
  • 1 Laser tube
  • Rotary Device(for engrave round objects)
  • Other tools


Workable Materials: 

Wood • Bamboo • Jade • Marble • Organic glass • Plastic • Leather • Rubber • Ceramic • Glass • Textile cutting • Industrial prototyping • Industrial marking • Aerospace • Architectural modeling • Specialty advertising • Plastics fabricating • Point of purchase • Rubber stamps • Picture framing • Gift manufacturing • Bar coding • Engraving • Gasket cutting • Puzzles • Cabinetry • Awards & recognition • Personalized pens • Door pulls • Cut scroll patterns • Games & toys • Finger joints • Inlays & overlays • Fraternity paddles • Music boxes • Light switch plates • Jewelry boxes • Parts marking • Router templates • Desk sets • Scrap booking • Photo albums • Jewelry • Crafts


  • Working Area:  16″ x 16″ (40x40cm)
  • Worktable: Motorized up down 2″(5cm)
  • Two way pass allows you to feed material into the workbed from the front or back and cut materials larger than your bed size by sliding them through the cabinet.
  • Laser Power:  50W CO2
  • Included Software: RDWorks V8, CorelLaser
  • Min Shaping Character:  0.07″x0.07″ (2x2mm)
  • Working Table Surface: Honeycomb working table
  • Max. Engraving Depth: 0.25 in. (6 mm)
  • Workbed Adjustment: Manual
  • Max. Engraving Speed: 23.6 ips (600 mm/s)
  • Max. Cutting Speed: 15.7 ips (400 mm/s)
  • Graphic Operating Modes:Optimized Raster, Vector, Combined
  • Transfer Interface:Flash Drive, USB Cord
  • Resolution:  +/- 0.00025″ (0.0064 mm)
  • Cooling Mode: Water cooling
  • Red Dot Positioning System: Yes
  • Repeatability 0.00039″ (0.01mm)
  • Exp. Service Life at <40% / 40–70% / >70% Power:
    1700–2000/1300–1500/800–1000 hr.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or above
  • Working Voltage: 110~240V/50~60Hz
  • Size/Weight: 38″x24″x10″ (97*60*250mm)    80lbs (36kg)  
  • Free Tech Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Applications / Videos


Cutting and engraving: rubber, plastic, organic glass, cloth, leather, wool fabric, ceramics, tile, crystal, acrylic, jade, bamboo, wood, and other nonmetal materials. (This machine can mark on metal and all material when used with a special spray www.thermark.com)



Shipping cost $500 door to door by UPS or truck


  • 50W Power Laser Cutting/Engraving Machine
    400x600mm (Working Area)
  • Sealed CO2 Glass Laser Tube
  • RUIDA Control System
  • Imported Lense
  • Up&Down Aluminum Platform
  • Honeycomb Workbench
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Air assist Pump
  • Rdwords 8 software
  • User Manual
  • Water pump
  • Communication cable
  • Rotary Device(for engrave round objects)


UPS door to door

8 reviews for 50W 16×16 in Workbed CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine


    Second time Great experience to buy from this seller , great machine !!! good support !! and fast shipping i am impressed totally.

  2. Kaes Bennett

    Perfect Machine easy to operate and works perfectly.Very good support and fast shipping,Thank you.

  3. Robian

    IE 400 Laser Engraver is a good cutting machine with excellent working performance ! Incredibly fast shipping.

  4. Herman Gorree

    If you would like to take a good value for your money then this machine may be the best one.Good support from seller.A+++

  5. Vanessa Surles

    Very Good!

  6. Thomas T Aldrin

    Outstanding Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, this machine has the exact functionality desired.

  7. Alfred Robert

    Great value, if you want to get into laser cutting business this is a good choice.
    Thanks seller for such a good quality product for sale.

  8. David Hester (verified owner)

    I am more than happy with this purchase… a few teething issues, mainly the lack of a good english Manual and a good English version DVD for drivers…. But the help staff are great they do get back to you, they do help… Once set up… I am very happy with the performance.,.. everyday it surprises me…. Great product, good sales team, just be patient. Outstanding results

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