WOOD ENGRAVING January 14, 2017 – Posted in: co2 laser


Wood is an attractive matrial to laser cut or engrave due to good surface discoloration as well as the increased depth compared to other materials. Grayscale images and photos look beautiful (mouse over images below) when etched into most hard or soft wood surfaces.

Boss Laser machines are ideally suited for laser engraving or cutting wood.  Lasers offer the woodworking, and interior design industry greater precision, creativity, and efficiency with their custom design wood creatives. Whether you want to etch a wedding photo or engrave a custom award plaque your limited only to your imagination.


Some of the more popular woods suitable for CO2 laser engraving, etching or cutting include:

  •    – balsa wood
  •    – poplar
  •    – red oak
  •    – maple wood
  •    – cherry wood
  •    – Veneer
  •    – cedar wood
  •    – beech wood
  •    – medioum density fiberboard (MDF)
  •    – exotic hard or solid woods
  •    – natural wood
  •    – alder wood
  •    – plywood

The good news is that unlike CNC machines that necessitate programming knowledge,  laser machines allow you to design and print with almost any number of graphics software on the market such as CorelDraw or AutoCad.

Softer wood types such as balsa wood require a lower laser power and can in turn be cut at higher speeds. Whereas dense, hard woods will require more power. Generally speeaking, CO2 lasers of 60 watts are capable of laser cutting up to 1/2 inch of wood and up to 1 inch at 120 watts.

Contact us if you would like to receive laser engraved wood samples or you would like more information about IEHK Laser machines.