LEATHER ENGRAVING January 14, 2017 – Posted in: co2 laser


Laser etching or engraving leather surfaces produces a debossed effect that offers a noticeably clean, dark contrast to the surrounding leather. The imprint a laser leaves works by burning or evaporating the surface. You can further increase the depth of the leather engraving by decreasing the travel speed of the laser. Using a laser cutter or engraver versus a cutting plotter gives you a sharp, sealed edge that is hard for plotters to emulate.


The great news is that both genuine and synthetic leather is a popular and widely purchased material for all kinds of products and highly receptive to laser engraving including:

  •    – leather bracelets
  •    – leather wallets
  •    – leather belts
  •    – leather jackets
  •    – leather shoes
  •    – leather briefcases
  •    – leather shoes
  •    – leather books

CO2 laser machines can help further personalize each of these items by cutting or engraving designs, logos, or text into the leather. The quality of the final imprint depends on the quality of the artwork itself. The best formats for leather are vector or a high resolution JPG file.

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Images are used as visual to show types of materials that a CO2 laser can enrgave, etch, or cut.  Images may or may not be actual materials processed by IEHK Laser