ACRYLIC & PLASTIC January 14, 2017 – Posted in: co2 laser


One of the more popular materials for laser cutters and engravers is cast or extruded acrylic. Due to its physical properties acrylic can be shaped, cut, and then utilized across a whole host of applications. With brilliant pigment colors that are often formulated into acrylic, laser cutting colored acrylic eliminates the need for painting and decreases overall production costs. The material almost acts like a sponge enabling even a lower powered CO2 laser to actually vaporize the material thereby leaving a smooth, polished edge. Laser engraving plastic, metals, and wood all share a unique appeal; however, the sharp, high-end, brilliant appearance of engraved acrylic is probably the most attractive.

Cast acrylic sheets are typically used to cut and engraving gifts awards, signs or plaques while extruded acrylic works best for letters and signs since it cuts smooth and clean leaving a glass like edge quality. The range of colors include black, white, pastel, and fluorescent to name a few.

Some of the more popular laserable acrylic applications include:

  •    -illuminated or clear signs
  •    -letters
  •    -model making
  •    -advertising displays
  •    -photo etching or engraving

IEHK Laser cutting machines make it easy for anyone to set up and adjust the right print driver settings to control the laser frequency (ppi) for cutting acrylic. Once the acrylic sheet is properly masked and set up on a honeycomb table the result will be a finished acrylic cut leaving edges that appear as if they were flame polished without the need for further polishing or cutting.