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Plasma CNC Metal Cutting Machine:

This Plasma CNC Metal Cutting Machine offers the process of cutting conductive metals using electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from an electrical power source through a plasma cutting torch to the material being cut. Typical uses of the Plasma system are in cutting of steel or stainless steel letters for signs, architectural components from steel, aluminum or stainless steel, and other metal fabrication requirements. This Plasma CNC Metal Cutting Machine is an integral part to many businesses.


  • High-Speed contouring
  • User-friendly LCD Handle Controller
  • Downdraft table
  • Precision dual X-axis drives
  • File Type: M & G codes, HPGL
  • Automatic torch height control
  • USB connection
  • CAD/CAM Software included
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is fabricated with heavy-wall structural 3 steel tubing. Steel tubing is welded together to form the 250x130cm cutting table.
  • The machines are supplied with slat support brackets and 3/16 thick steel strips for every 2 distance. The table can be loaded up to 2 thick 10 x 5 size mild steel plate.
  • Don’t be satisfied with the compromising other machine maker make with extruded aluminum profile which is not build to be reliable. This should be considered when buying a machine that intended to be used for more than a hobby.


Control System

SH-2002AH/ST Flame/Plasma cutting machine control system, can be used in Flame or plasma cutting machines. The operating display by system adopt window hint step by step. Under main menu, after press one function key, system will display the sub-menu. According to the hint,  press 【F1】 to 【F6】 to select functions accordingly. Press ESC to quit and return to the

preceding menu.

◆ High-reliability, prevent strong plasma disturbance, surge and lightning strike etc.;

◆ Memery of user’s program can reach to 16-32M; the cutting programs are up to 10000 lines;

◆ Chinese and English switch easily, can execute, display and save Chinese name files;

◆ Rich software functions, applied cutting gifts, especially for dealing with little line

programmes. It can be widely used in Ad, Iron technique etc;

◆ Can be extended to a function of movement of 4 linkage axes;

◆ Dynamic images with 5.7 LCD display, it is perfect;

◆ Adopt U disk to Read/Write program and Upgrade Software .

Hardware Specifications:

  1. Industrial grade ARM7 chip;
  2. System offer 4 relays:
  3. Gas and pre-Oxy or Automatic Height Control System;
  4. Cut Oxy or Plasma Arc On;
  5. Torch up;
  6. Torch down;
  7. System offer: Input 7 ports, output 4 ports;
  8. Linkages Axes: Two linkage axes, can be extended to Four linkage axes;
  9. Pulse Equivalent: Electronic gear, numerator and denominator can reach to 1-65535 respectively.
  10. Max Speed: When the Pulse Equivalent is 1μ, speed is 6m/minute;
  11. User’s Program Space: 16-32M;
  12. Size: 300*200*85(mm);
  13. Working Temperature:  0℃ – 40℃.

Arc Voltage Height Controller technical features:

Height controller for flame/plasma cutting torch uses the proprietary stepper motor control technology of Micro step to replace the conventional DC motor height control technology, which makes it faster and smoother in addition to significantly extended service life.

Directly displaying the height of cutting nozzle in capacitance height control mode

The advanced height linear calibration technology makes absolute height display and control possible when the distance between the cutting nozzle and work piece is within 3 ~ 30mm in the capacitance mode under for automatic height control in step of millimeter and display accuracy of ± 0.1mm.
Technical Parameters:

  • Power Requirements: DC 24V ± 2 V 3 A
  • Applicable motor: 17/23 hs series of stepper motors
  • Manual adjustment range: 0-100 mm
  • Automatic height control range: 3 -30 mmu
  • Adjusting speed of automatic height control: 3000 mm/min (30 ° slope)
  • Control precision: ±0.5 mm
  • Dimensions of box body: (155 × 87 × 71) mm
  • Operating temperature: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃

Can use Hypertherm Powermax series plasma power


automatic height control 3



  • Working table size: 1300mm*2500mm(standard size); Other size can made to order.
  • Z-Axis Clearance: 15mm
  • Resolution: .001mm
  • Repeatability: +/- .01mm
  • Cutting Speed: 8000mm/min
  • Rapid Traverse: 15000mm/min
  • Standard Work Surface: Downdraft table

Plasma Parameters:

  • China made 60A plasma power:
  • Input Power:  3 phase380V ± 20% / 50Hz
  • No-load voltage: 260V
  • Current adjust range: 63A
  • Rated duty cycle: 40%
  • Input capacity: 17KVA
  • Insulating class: F
  • Cutting thickness: 20MM
  • Weight: 104KG
  • China made 100A plasma power:
  • Rated input voltage (V):3 phase-380
  • Frequency (HZ):50/60
  • Rated input capacity (KVA):27.7
  • Rated output current (A):100
  • Duty cycle (%):60
  • Max. no-load voltage (V):270
  • Working current (A):120
  • Max. cutting thickness (MM):30
  • Weight (KG):130


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