A3 UV Printer for phone case, acrylic, wood, metel, golf balls, UV DTF film

A3 UV Flatbed Printer uses color and white UV curable ink, and can print Varnish.  It is equipped with a water cooling UV lamp, enabling UV ink to dry immediately after printing.


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Products of any color can be printed on the A3 UV Flatbed Printer by using colored and white UV ink. This printer is capable of direct printing without pre-coating, heating or any pretreatment. Our IEHK A3 UV printer is equipped with both air and water cooling, enabling UV ink to dry immediately after printing.

Printers without extraction fans are often faced with the problem that machines can be polluted with ink, causing frequent malfunctions. However, this A3 UV printer is equipped with a strong extraction fan for removing ink spray, thus decreasing malfunctions significantly. This printer also comes equipped with an anti-corrosion pump, which significantly increases its lifespan.


• UV ink can print embossed 3D effect
• It can directly print on the surface of crystal, wooden, bamboo, metal, stone, leather, PVC, PET, Ceramic tile, Acrylic, Nail, DTF PET film.
• Print time less than 1 minute for most designs.
• Print directly from your PC, just like a desktop printer.
• Use Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator® and CorelDRAW® or free programs like GIMP and Inkscape
• Completely mobile – great for events.
• The printing cost varies between 0.10¢ to 0.20¢ USD per print (20x30cm)


• Print size: 12.6″x19.5″ (320x500mm)
• Max. height of object: 6″ (150mm), motorized up down platform
• Printhead: Piezo 180 nozzles per channel
• Print Color: 6-cartridge (CMYK+WW/CMYK+W Varnish)
• UV Lamp: LED UV
• Printing Speed: 4″ x 6″ Photo: As fast as 46 sec (15ppm)
• Max. Printing resolution: 5760DPI×1440DPI
• Ink Tank Volume: 100ml(color)/250ml(white) (bulk ink system)
• Ink: UV curable Ink
• Unique Head Cleaning System: Automatic Maintenance Processes with waste ink bottle
• White Ink Circulation System
• Power: 110/220V 50-60HZ 255W
• Printing Interface: USB
• Operation System: Windows® 10 or later
• Working Environment: 10-28 C,20-80 RH
• Printer Net Weight: 112lbs(51kg)
• Printer Size: 33″x25″x20″ (838mm×630mm×518mm)
• Package Box Size and Weight: 36″x23″x27″(910mmx590mmx695mm), 150lbs(68kg)
• Software: Acrorip 10
• Free Tech Support
• One Year Limited Warranty


✔ Plastic: PET film, Acrylic, ABS, PVC, PP, PE, PU, etc.
✔ Fabric: Cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex.
✔ Leather: PVC leather, PU leather, real and artificial leather.
✔ Metal: Gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.
✔ Others: Wood, bamboo, crystal, glass, ceramic, stone and so on.



• 1 X A3 UV Printer
• 1 X RIP Software Set(compatible with windows)
• USB Data Line Set
• Needles and Tube Set
• 1 X Golf ball holder
• 1 X Pens holder

Ink not included.

UV Curable ink can be ordered here https://www.iehk.com/shop/uv-ink-for-epson-printerhead/


• via DHL or UPS, delivery time 10 days

17 reviews for A3 UV Printer for phone case, acrylic, wood, metel, golf balls, UV DTF film

  1. Shuvro R

    Awesome printer does cover my budget. Excellent printing quality. All functions working perfectly and very good in quality.Thanks for Fast Shipping !!

  2. Bill Miller

    I was a bit confused before buying IEHK printer but now I am glad that I chose it because not only it prints directly but in a variety of colors. I have already used many printers but when I bought IEHK A3 UV Flatbed printer I got completely hooked. With my other printers I always had the issue of ink smudging during the cooling process but not with this one. This printer is perfect if you want seamless product printing without pretreatment and precoating.

  3. Nathan Taylor

    Best product i ever bought, Well performance!

  4. Gabriel Aldrin

    Perfect product in my small budget. Great work output. Thanks for Shipping in time.

  5. Christine Amorose

    Edge-to-edge printing is so easily achieved with this true flatbed IEHK UV printer I never have to perform additional cutting or trimming. Also, it is a great device because it is low cost, with ability to dry the ink by led uv lamp, it prints on heavy to smooth and thick surfaces with equal perfection. UV ink dries almost immediately while printing itself takes just a minute. I find this printer very practical because it is portable so I take it everywhere.

  6. Aaron Good

    IEHK A3 UV Flatbed Printer is amazing. I have tried printing with it on so many different surfaces including wood and leather which are generally the most difficult of all but this printer made the job so easy. It is a pretty user friendly product. The only drawback in my opinion is that it doesn’t perform well on uneven surfaces which I think is a sure shot thing with all flatbeds. Otherwise it is an economical and efficient product.

  7. Sabrina Glin

    When I tried printing with A3 UV flatbed I found out that it is a great product that prints with perfection and cools print with both air and water which makes the image remarkable. However, what I feel is lacking is the ability to create double sided prints. The advantage is that with a single product I can print on so many different types of surfaces even the hardest ones such as metal and wood. I would certainly recommend this printer.

  8. Curt Whitworth

    This is a great printer for small business owners! It’s a great mix of relatively low cost and professional quality. I have been printing hundreds of signs each month on plywood and pine boards for about a year now with very few problems. There is a learning curve with the initial set-up, but with a little bit of patience and persistence it works beautifully. My only suggestion would be for the seller to produce a user manual with more detailed instructions. Some of the issues with set-up and with the printing software take a little bit of online research in order to find an answer. Even with some minor issues, this printer was a great fit for our budget and our production needs. It arrived very securely packaged in a crate with no damaged parts. The seller was friendly and amenable and the shipping time was reasonable. The build quality is solid and once you have it set up, if functions flawlessly.

  9. David W Haas

    CHRISTINE AMOROSE is mistaken the UV light will not allow edge to edge printing with smearing like all uv printers in this class it is finicky better than most but at this price range what can we expect

  10. Beach Haven

    I recommend this company to anyone.. They are precise and punctual.. And give the buyer all necessary assistance..particularly I have emailed many times with tech support and he always solved my problems..

  11. John Crichton

    Just received some very helpful advice on live web chat from Michael, thank you so much for your help!

  12. Robert Martin

    Great assistance! I got an assistant before who wasn’t helpful at all. Michael helped me with my order to the best extent possible! Great service!

  13. Sondra figueroa

    Excellent communication and prompt to provide the most suitable solutions for our requests. Highly recommend IEHK company

  14. Sarah Willett

    I have had several great experiences with iehk.com and have been using them on and off for about 10 years.

  15. Nathan Martin

    Good as usual, dealt with the minor graphical issues (caused by our team) in a professional way. Service is always very good, I recommend them to all my business friends.

  16. Tommy Lee

    I bought this UV printer and it’s been working great plus if you need help you can set up Skype and you can text them back on fourth

  17. Anthony Randall

    Fast Shipping! Great communication & the laser unit works great. Bought a couple from here now cant recommend enough! AAA+++

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