A3 DTG, DTF multi use T-Shirt Garment Printer

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IEHK A3 DTG, DTF 2 in 1 Printer use DTG/DTF ink, specially formulated for Direct to Garment and Direct to Film printing.  Build in Vacuum hold down platform for DTF PET film,  and White Ink Circulation System!


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The A3 Direct to Garment, Direct to Film 2 in 1 Printer can print directly on the surface of t-shirts, Hoodies, Jeans and all kind of garment, and printing DTF PET film. It can use both DTG and DTF ink.

The A3 DTG/DTF Printer is a great way to keep your printing costs down. This printer allows you to print directly from your computer, and uses Epson printerheads. Printing costs for this machine vary between 0.10¢ – 0.20¢ per print. The A3 is also completely mobile, so it is great for taking to events and printing as you go.


✔ Uses original EPSON printerheads and CISS system…no need worry about the printing quality because this is the same printerhead used in all direct to garment (DTG) printers.
✔ White Ink Circulation System
✔ Vacuum hold down platform for DTF PET film
✔ Can print white ink on dark material.
✔ Print time less than 1 minute for most designs.
✔ Print directly from your PC, just like a desktop printer.
✔ 5760 x 1440 (dpi) Max print resolution.
✔ Print vibrant, washable prints on shirts fast and easy.
✔ The printing costs vary between 0.10¢ to 0.20¢ USD per print (20x30cm).


• Max.Print Area: 13″x19.7″(329mmx500mm) / with t-shirt holder: 11.6″x16.5″ (295mm×420mm)
• Printhead: Piezo 180 nozzles per channel
• Print Color: 6-cartridge (CMYK/CMYKWW )
• Max. height of object: 5.9″ (150mm)
• Max. Printing resolution: 5760DPI×1440DPI
• Printing speed: 4″ x 6″ borderless photo in as fast as 46 sec
• Ink: DTG/DTF ink
• Cleaning System: Automatic Maintenance Processes
• White Ink Circulation System
• Build in Vacuum hold down platform for DTF PET film
• Power: 110/220V 50-60HZ 250W
• Printing Interface: USB
• Operation System: Windows® 10 or later
• Working Environment: 10-28 C,20-80 RH
• Printer Net Weight: 95lbs(43kg)
• Printer Size: 30″x25″x20″ (760mm×630mm×530mm)
• Package Box Size and Weight: 33″x23″x27″(835mmx580mmx695mm), 136lbs(62kg)
• Software: Acrorip 10
• Free Tech Support
• 1-Year Limited Warranty


All kind of garment, include T-Shirt, Hoodies, Jacket, Jeans, Face Masks etc..


  • All kind of garment, include T-Shirt, Hoodies, Jacket, Jeans, Face Masks, DTF PET Film
  • It is a compliment to screen printing production and heat-transfer industries as it can do some jobs which are very expensive or not possible with the traditional printing.



Payment by Bank transfer discount US$100


1 X A3 DTG Printer with Bulk ink System

1 X RIP Software Set(compatible with windows)

1 X Baby cloth platen(12″x8.3″)

1 X Sleeve/Jeans leg platen(14″x6″)

1 X T-Shirt Holder

User Manual and Driver

USB Data Line Set

Ink not included.

DTG ink can order separately here https://www.iehk.com/shop/dtg-textile-ink/


• Door to door service

28 reviews for A3 DTG, DTF multi use T-Shirt Garment Printer

  1. Carol Horton (verified owner)

    Whoever built these, must have been pretty smart. They thought of everything. They even have a built in ink reset button that tells the machine that it is full of ink again.

    Let me give a few pointers to new users. It is a learning experience you may mess up a few shirts until you get the hang of it. So maybe I can help you a little…

    First of all… Keep a 3mm distance between the shirt and bar. If not a shirt could hang onto the printer head or the printer head get damaged by hitting the table. Before you turn the printer on for the first time make sure that the table is out of the way, With the printer off and the table in manual mode or unplugged, eye the printer head and check the clearing and do so on every shirt until you get a feel for it.

    In your Accurip Partner software (White)… Try these settings..

    Printer = Stylus Photo 1390/1400
    ICC PROFILE USE ACCRO DT3 1390 6COLOR 30 1440×1440
    Ink Channel = YKWWMC (white ink goes in the Light Cyan & Li;ght Magenta Cartridges)
    Paper Size is Your Printer Table Size (For example 13 X 19 on mine)
    Resolution – 1440X1440 DPI (COLOR AND WHITE)
    SPEED = Unidirectional
    Ink Limit = (If you set your ink level too high, ink can puddle on the printer head then drip onto the shirt. I had this happen about four times. So you have to experiment to find a balance. Most people use a setting of 55 on a single pass print. What I suggest is that you start out using two passes until you are more comfortable with the machine. Try Ink Limit set at 30 DPI first printing. Send the table back into the machine. The print over the shirt second time with 20 DPI)

    I hope that is of some help to you..

    Having the Pretreatment right is very important to getting a good quality print. I use 50/50 pretreatment and distilled water. Then pretreat a shirt twice 20 grams weight each time. Instead of trying to soak it with pretreatment one time.

    Good Luck

  2. Kathryn Gough (verified owner)

    Nice machine, great price. Michael was so helpful throughout the process and communicated quickly. He answered all of our questions timely. Set up was lengthy but I expected it to be a little more difficult than your average printer. IEHK provided a lot of good info for the set up and tips. The print quality exceeds our expectations and we will likely purchase other items.

  3. Fadhora. T

    Functioning accurately , no hazards, easy to operate,great machine i have ever bought for my company !!

  4. Omar

    I find it Easy to use, Very fast Shipping. This machine does all automatically. Happy to purchase and work with!!!.

  5. greg Tipps

    Very good printer. Best part part of this printer is the the pricing. Excellent print capabilities and high quality print output. Would buy again

  6. tajze johnson

    This printer is a blessing, I can print graphics created on any program and get the sharpest possible image in no time. The biggest advantage of A3 DTG flatbed is that no matter how detailed the graphic is, the printer will get it done with high level of precision, another thing is that the ink gets saturated in the garment so beautifully that the fabric remains soft and wearable. 4/5 stars from my side!

  7. Robert Nisham

    This little machine has great capabilities, It turns my T-shirt business to good profit.

  8. Patrick Olson

    Great finishing and good production rate.

  9. Wi Stride

    Although it is a decent device that lets me print images and graphics on all possible textiles in less than a minute per piece but I have identified a shortcoming. When printing on 100% polyester the printer takes longer and also it only prints perfectly on light colour polyester not dark colour. Other than this problem, I am happy that I made the right choice by buying this versatile printer. I must say the quality of print is very good.

  10. Michael Bell

    I am a small garments business owner and I have been searching for a reliable DTG printer from quite some time now. All the printers I have used recently were not good and I wasn’t satisfied with the result. Ink always got smudged and printing on light colored fabric was quite different than on dark colored ones. However, with A3 flatbed DTG I am fully satisfied because it not only prints on cotton fabric but on different other materials like leather and acrylic, etc. White ink never spreads on dark textile and I can print any graphic on 5760 x 1440 (dpi) resolution.

  11. Oscar Morales

    I wasn’t too keen on getting a DTG flatbed printer being a screen printing fan but when I read the positive reviews of this product I decided to give it a shot. I would say it is a good printer because it is portable enough to carry along anywhere, it helps in making the printing process faster and the quality of print is superb. There is no professional training needed to run this thing and the 2-year warranty makes the product even more reliable.

  12. Aliyah Matos

    Printer works



  14. Warren Scott

    It is an inexpensive, heavy duty printer that allows me to create as many products as I want to, the direct to garment technology has made it so easy to print any possible image effortlessly and this printer is the best in this technology. It is perfect for printing on a variety of materials not just fabrics. If at any point I need to shift my focus from garments to handbags or stationary it would be helpful even then because it can print on almost any material. Moreover, it can handle edible inks too so this is a win-win situation for me at least.

  15. Ranjith Kumar

    I am happy that I can print directly on any fabric and textile. I have a thing for precision and many printers fail to give the same result as created on the computer but this A3 DTG flatbed is different because its image quality is excellent. The printer never ignores even tiniest details and I am able to print it with just a click from my desktop computer. Very user friendly and reliable printer. Must buy if you want great resolution and washfast fabrics.

  16. Marian Opalka

    It works, athough need more time to learn use it

  17. Sarah Hesse

    This is one of the best purchases I have ever made, this will grow my business exponentially.

  18. kendall marsh

    I have received the machines. They look great and in good condition.

  19. Jessica Armbruster

    Received the printer on time, thanks you!

  20. leonard sagapolutele

    Was worried for the most part but with Michael’s help, I was able to get a confirmation on my order in a timely manner. Thank you!

  21. Mustafa Azmaz

    Plezierige samenwerking met DTG, luisteren goed naar onze vragen en leggen alles goed uit!

  22. S. Castellanos

    This is a great printer if you are looking for a machine that can print white ink perfectly on a dark colored fabric. It is very easy to use and price wise it suits my budget because the printer is considerably low priced, I have tried many other brands by this one is best among all!

  23. Mitchell Cooper

    Michael was great to answer my question as to when I’d receive my order. I still feel the company in themselves could have better communication with updating their website

  24. Stefan

    bin überrascht,guter Preis,schnell geliefert, nach Einstellung d. Farben perfekt

  25. Allana Harris

    Quality product and Excellent communication and support!

  26. Jesse Abbott

    This is an amazing machine very little clogging issues and prints all day. All in all its great, doing research and learning with some trial and error on and new piece of technology is all that is needed. This machine paid for itself in just one month of use.

  27. Rodolfo Escalera

    This machine is worth every penny I paid for it. For the last 3 months this machine has not stopped printing 5-6 days a week for 8 hours.

    Had this machine dialed in to a level I wanted in approximately 10 prints. Worked great.

    This machine is a work horse in my shop and because of it I am currently pricing out large format version with entire powdering assembly.

    I recommend this machine to many little shops in the area for the onesy, twosy jobs.

  28. Shagor Davis

    I have been printing lot of t shirts! excellent printer !!

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