50W Cabinet type Fiber Laser machine

  • Advanced digital high-speed galvanometer, high speed, good stability. The standard engraving area is 110x110mm which performs with the best results. We also provide one spare lens, 300x300mm, for larger areas.
  • Includes 80mm rotary attachment for cylinder engraving
  • Two-year warranty! The laser source has a long lifespan, approximately 100,000 hours, no consumables, and free maintenance


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This Fiber Laser System uses a Ytterbium fiber laser source. The completely enclosed laser module design with an optical fiber transmission pump light source and air cooling system offers dust-free protection for the laser system. This greatly reduces t,he failure rate and results in stable laser output. It also provides for a trouble and maintenance-free laser system with a life span of 100,000 hours.


  • Able to mark all metal materials and some non-metallic materials.
  • Able to mark a minimum line width of 0.00078″(0.02mm), minimum height of 0.0078″(0.2mm) for English characters and depth of up to 0.039″ (1mm).
  • Raycus/JPT Fiber laser source
  • The Fiber Laser Marking Machine System is suitable for all kinds of metal, industrial plastic, electroplates, metal-coated materials, rubbers, ceramics, and so on
  • Able to mark 360° Circular objects such as finger rings, bracelets and other cylindrical objects with the optional rotating device.


Laser source :

Laser power :

Wavelength :

Operation  type:Q – switched

Minimum line width :

Minimum character size :

Re-position accuracy :

Max. Marking speed:

Marking area :(two set of f-lens included)
7.48″x7.48″/11.8″x11.8″ (190×190/300x300mm)

Cooling system :
Air cooling

Software: EZCAD 2

Marking Depth : (one pass)
0.4mm (depend on material)

Max.power consumption:

Power supply :
110/ 220V 50-60Hz

Package dimensions(L×W×H) :
36″x30″x45″ (920×760×1150mm)

Free Tech Support

Two Year Limited Warranty

Packing List:

  1. Fiber Laser Machine Machine x1
  2. U Disk (Manuals and Software) x1
  3. Rotary attachment (workable diameter 1-80mm)x1
  4. Power Cable x1
  5. Allen Wrench x1
  6. Screwdriver x2
  7. Positioning Bar (With Screws) x2 
  8. USB Cable x1
  9. Color Aluminum Sheet x1
  10. Foot Switch x1
  11. Protective Glasses x1

Shipping Method:

• via DHL or Fedex, delivery time 10 days

Applicable Materials:

Metals: Aluminum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Stainless Steel, Brass, Titanium, Tungsten

Nonmetals: Colored Acrylic, Plastics, Brick, Granite, Marble, Tile, Nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, Ceramic, Rock, Stone, Marble, Artificial Leather, etc.


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