Raycus 30W Split Type Fiber Laser Machine

This Fiber Laser System uses a completely enclosed laser module design has an optical fiber transmission pump light source and air cooling system.


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This Fiber Laser System uses a Ytterbium fiber laser source. The complete enclosed laser module design with the optical fiber transmission pump light source and air cooling system offers dust-free protection to the laser system. This greatly reduces the failure rate and results in stable laser output. It also provide a trouble and maintenance free laser system with a life span of 100, 000 hours for the laser system.


  • Able to mark all metal materials and some non-metallic materials.
  • Able to mark a minimum line width of 0.00078″(0.02mm), minimum height of 0.0078″(0.2mm) for English characters and depth of up to 0.039″ (1mm).
  • Raycus Fiber laser source
  • The Fiber Laser Marking Machine System is suitable for all kind of metal, industrial plastic, electroplates, metal-coated materials, rubbers, ceramics and so on
  • Able to mark 360° Circular objects such as finger rings, bracelets and other cylindrical objects with the optional rotating device.

Applicable Industry:

Jewellery accessories, eyeglasses, clocks and watches, hardware, tools, accessories, sanitary ware, ceramic plastic, PVC, phone keypad, electronic components, integrated circuits IC, precision equipment, medical equipment, etc.


Product Specifications:

Laser source :
Ytterbium Fiber Laser

Laser power :

Wavelength :

Operation  type:Q – switched

Laser frequency :

Minimum line width :
0.00078″ (0.02mm)

Minimum character size :
0.0078″ (0.2mm)

Repeatability :
0.00004″ (0.001mm)

Marking area :
12″x12″ (300x300mm)

Cooling system :
Air cooling

Marking table :
X , Y and Z axis table

Marking Depth :
Up to 0.039″ (1mm)

Max.power consumption:

Power supply :
110/ 220V 50-60Hz

Machine dimensions(L×W×H) :
31″x25.5″x57″ (800×650×1450mm)   Full size machine

25.5″x20″x9″(650x500x220mm)  Portable type machine

Net Weight :
150lbs (68Kg),  77lbs(35kg)

Free Tech Support

Two Year Limited Warranty


Laser source :
Ytterbium Fiber Laser

Laser power :

Wavelength :

Operation  type:Q – switched

Impluse frequency :

Minimum line width :

Minimum character size :

Re-position accuracy :

Max. Marking speed:

Marking area :(three set of lens included)
4.33″x4.33″/7.48″x7.48″/11.8″x11.8″ (110×110/190×190/300x300mm)

11.8″x11.8″ need use 30w or above laser power

Cooling system :
Air cooling

EZCAD english version (support win7,8,10)

Marking Depth : (one pass)
0.25mm (depend on material)

Max.power consumption:

Power supply :
110/ 220V 50-60Hz

Package dimensions(L×W×H) :
23″x25″x27″ (600×650×700mm)

Net Weight :
66lbs (30Kg)

Free Tech Support

Two Year Limited Warranty

Accessories included:

Rotary attachment (workable diameter 1-80mm)

Twin red light focus assist function

Flying Marking Conveyor Belt table +$2000

Shipping Method:

• via DHL or Fedex, shipping cost $400, delivery time 7-10 days


Jewelery • Accessories • Eyeglasses • Clocks and Watches • Hardware • Tools • Sanitary Ware • Ceramic Plastic • PVC • Phone Keypad • Electronic Components • Integrated Circuits IC • Precision Equipment • Medical Equipment • and more



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